-About Me

Entrepreneur, Fire Fighter, EMT, Adventure Traveller, Community Activist, Film Junkie, Constitutional Connoisseur, Booking Agent, Avid Bicyclist, and Coffee Addict. If you want to know more, find me on About.Me or Instagram

MF OG Unicorn.

6 Responses to -About Me

  1. Marya Caciari Warren says:

    Tony, I met you at the Gallo/Caferro reunion. Your grandpa was a brother to my grandma Jean Caciari. Anyway, it has been a lot of fun following your trek back to New York. I am so glad you got through Minnesota safely. I wish you a safe return home and can’t wait to read more. Have a blast. Marya Warren

  2. mom says:

    what does the guy giving you the tattoo have on his ear…..and dont get one…..!!

  3. Reece Dukes says:

    Hi Tony! We met in BFE Texas, I was the guy with the bike pump. Looks like you made it to Florida in (more or less) one piece. The blog looks great! I’ll scroll through some of your adventures when I get a little more time today. Safe travels!

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