Highway 93, you suck….

Day 4…. and my last day before a much needed day or two. I only had 60 miles to get to Whitefish Montana, where a potential hot tub, endless food and some rest awaited me. Predictably those 60 miles would be tougher than the near 100 mile days I had earlier.

First, my first formidable headwind. Have you ever had to pedal really hard to go 5 mph DOWNHILL? It’s annoying. The winds kept kicking up around each mountain turn, getting stronger and stronger until finally it starting raining; which wasn’t bad b/c I used it as an excuse to take a break under a roadside tree.

Second, the road itself was in horrible condition. We’re talking a 2 lane highway, with AT BEST a one foot shoulder covered in loose stone. Mainly, I’m actually riding in the lane, which is great for city riding, but not when logging trucks are flying past you at 80 mph. I seriously got a bit nervous, but with about 30 miles ago, Daisy pulls up, her bike unloaded, and she really saved the day. Two riders makes a world of difference, as motorists now realize they have to slow down, instead of trying to squeeze past just one rider. It was a great surprise, so thank you again Daisy.

Once in Whitefish I linked up with my family, ate a bunch of food and retired to the hot tub, where I’ve been ever since. In fact, after this blog, I’m going to eat and get back in. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Downtown Whitefish

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