The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright…

So of course I’m not in Texas, but I have made it to Michigan, my seventh state along the route. And I chose that headline for a couple of reasons:

One, it’s a great scene in the classic film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure; where Pee Wee needs to prove he’s in Texas over the phone. So he shouts it out randomly and every passerby gives the proper response. Despite popular notions about Pee Wee, the film is great and it’s all about loving your bicycle, so go and watch it!

More applicably, Michigan seems like Texas. Everyone–80 year old ladies included–has a pickup truck. “No Trespassing” signs are EVERYWHERE. I constantly hear rifle fire in the distance. And yes, the stars were big and bright last night. (though Idaho and Montana had the biggest an brightest I’ve seen thus far).

Not too many friendly waves from motorists, but I did get a great camping suggestion from a local in Crystal Falls and just about had the entire place to myself last night. I’ll be hitting Escanaba later today, my biggest town in a while–a booming metropolis of 13,000 residents!

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Entrepreneur, Citizen, Marketeer, Fire Fighter / EMT, Bicycle-Tourist, Booking Agent, Youth Mentor, Activist, Agitator, Coffee Addict, Foodie, Social Media Nerd, Amateur Film Critic, Son, Brother, Uncle & Rust Belt Representative. Follow me on Twitter @dtr45
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1 Response to The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright…

  1. bob mundle says:

    good going Tony!! We flew to Michigan yesterday and returned today from a party-biking is fun, but so is flying. Watch out for diesel pushers. bob

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