Cornfields and Barking Dogs

I’ve bikes two nations, eight states/provinces, mountains, valleys, plains, rivers, lakes, farms, and more. Two things have remained constant: corn fields and barking dogs.

Corn has been grown in every corner I’ve been to. Which I expected. The dogs, not so much. Dogs have chased me down the road, they barked from inside houses, I’ve heard them howling a mile away. I wasn’t sure why and I’m still not sure.

Either way, when I get home, I’m popping some popcorn and spending with Isis, my best friend.

About tonycaferro

Entrepreneur, Citizen, Marketeer, Fire Fighter / EMT, Bicycle-Tourist, Booking Agent, Youth Mentor, Activist, Agitator, Coffee Addict, Foodie, Social Media Nerd, Amateur Film Critic, Son, Brother, Uncle & Rust Belt Representative. Follow me on Twitter @dtr45
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