Farms of the Future

Windmills everywhere along the shores of Lake Erie in Southern Ontario. I counted well beyond 100 before giving up on an actual total. New energy is really growing, i saw plenty in Wisconsin and Michigan as well. Wind is plentiful in Great Lakes country and wind farms are the future.

Oddly, I know of only one wind farm on the US shores of Lake Erie. Seven windmills stand on the old Bethlehem Steel property in my hometown Lackawanna NY. The only urban wind farm in the nation, since Lackawanna is a city as opposed to town or village etc. The strange part of all of this is that apparently there was and still is controversy surrounding these windmills.

For some reason citizens of Lackawanna have come out against the wind farm, even after they were approved and built. They’ve cited them as eyesores (as opposed to the old steel factories still standing!), expressed concerns for birds (huh?!) and “noise”…..and as far as I know, successfully blocked expansion; so there won’t be anymore built further down the shores as was originally planned. Talk about short term thinking; I thought this was a progressive region of the US.

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