The Ubiquitous Bike Lean

What’s with all the bike leaning hoopla you ask? I really don’t know, but there’s online communities upon online communities dedicated to it. Look it up. It’ll blow your mind like the JB’s. I’d hope primarily it started with my situation. I have a 100 lb loaded bicycle and no kick stand. A standard kickstand wouldn’t even work. I’ve always just leaned the bike, and I look for a place to lean it when I’m stopping to take a break. So fuck kickstands. Not having a kickstand is like “Chicano” – it’s a state of mind. And the lean is just the manifestation of that state of mind. Get some. Or don’t. Whatever.

About tonycaferro

Entrepreneur, Citizen, Marketeer, Fire Fighter / EMT, Bicycle-Tourist, Booking Agent, Youth Mentor, Activist, Agitator, Coffee Addict, Foodie, Social Media Nerd, Amateur Film Critic, Son, Brother, Uncle & Rust Belt Representative. Follow me on Twitter @dtr45
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