Day 1.5: 100 miles. 100 Miles and Ridin’

The second day of a long ride is always the same. Ghostbustin ass, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray level. Neither my mind nor body has adjusted yet. Not to riding all day. Not to sleeping outside. Not to the required lower standard of hygiene or required level of hydration. What can go wrong will probably go wrong. Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.

Spencer got a port all to himself

Our gracious hosts send us off full of vegan pancake. I also went with the optional eggs. Damon follows a strict diet. I eat anything at this point.

Coffee, poop, ride.

We knock 25 miles out at a moderate pace and roll across New York State to the sounds of RTJ4. Damon takes the lead for a bit and I realize we probably need to stay out of the sun from noon to 3pm today. Parts of him look lobsteresque. His right calf is a shade of pinkish red that I’ve never seen before. I start to consider options.

I miss a sign to stay on the Erie Canal Trail and wind up finding a slew of barnacle encrusted bicycles. Derailleurs beware, nature is metal.

Time travel forward to when this will get an entire standalone blog entry.

We detour onto the Genesee River Trail and 4 miles later we’re in the center of Rochester New York – at the apartment oasis of one Gabriella Gauger. Gabi is a fantastic human, I truly love the shit out of her. As usual (which is now just “as yooozz” – but I don’t know the proper spelling), she is out of town doing awesome out of town shit. But she was cool with us chilling for a couple hours and a midday break was needed. Detour approved.

Theres a tasty blond ale in the fridge. The liquid lunch goes down smooth. I shower. I lay down. I start to drift off into midday wonder nap land…

BTW Gabi has a blog, it’s just like mine but totally different – so check it out or don’t.

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2 Responses to Day 1.5: 100 miles. 100 Miles and Ridin’

  1. bob mundle says:

    Tony- fun to read about your trip. I’m trying one in Sept. Keep pedaling. Bob

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