TopTenTravels from 2022

Used to do this on the reg. Back in the old days, the before times, pre Panda. When anyone went anywhere with much frequency. Well, right now — like right now, right now — I’m riding solo on my couch watching stupid Christmas movies and couldn’t give a flying fuck whenever Covid is over or was ever or or whatever… all I know is that I went to more than ten places this year!!! First time since 2019 that i’ve been lucky enough to once again travel a whole shit ton. I hope all you out there in the imaginary audience of readers I probably don’t really have did too.

And to be clear, if you’re gonna go ahead and publish your own top ten list you god damn better well have been on more than ten travels this year. Somewhere gotta go. Sacrifice matters. Them’s the rules. I didn’t make ‘em; you didn’t make ‘em. Butt. This is the way they’re traditionally handed down and that’s the way it’s always been done. So sayeth the spoke gods. Now let’s get going…


Loop Full of FLowers Ride

Ah!!! Hahah… see all the dids that I did right there? Despite the fact that every single entry on my 2022 top ten list is a single city, my honorable mention destination pick isn’t one city — instead the entire state of Florida. Floriduh as my cousin and sunshine state resident would spell it. And I think he’s a doctor or something too. So yeah. Nonetheless. My thirteen day, seven hundred sixty three mile (1,228 km) solo ride was a wonderfully reinvigorating physical and mental excursion. In the sunshine, Roy Ayers. It barely beats out a 9 day group ride with my besties Damon and Kara from NYC to Buffalo in June and — like that Empire Trail travel — is well documented on this here website… so “READ ALL ABOUT IT” motherfuckers. And with that I’ll leave us with this crunchy tidbit: exactly zero of my 2022 toptentravels is documented beyond a passing mention on this site, so strap in, strap on or strap up… a new year is coming.

My location paper journal and notes reflect a broad range of wisdom from reading, people I met, and signs I saw on the refreshing ride.

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