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Forty Five Days Later

On a ten mile commute to visit my cousin (aka my dentist), I imagine I’m out on the southern tier, again. Or the northern tier, again. Or any tier anywhere, ever. I self-hallucinate my way into some sort of geographical … Continue reading

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Stranger Things

The takeaways that manifest while intermittently binging Stranger Things 3 over a 24 hour Fourth of July shift: 1) No Back to the Future sampling, homage, reference nor inclusion can go wrong… ever. (Especially when accompanied by the name Alex … Continue reading

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sweeter feelin’ in the whole wide world.

Outdoors in the rain. After you’ve ridden your share of hours through stormy weather (cue Storm Music), a special kind of appreciation toward the coverage of trees or the occasional sheltered public space goes through the already-raised-and-almost-predictably-on-fire roof. The weather … Continue reading

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