Two years later: Packing List Redux

Two years ago, I left on an amazing adventure. 8 weeks and 3500 miles later I got home with a lifetime full of stories. This blog and its pictures serves to remind me of my tour and I’ve found myself consistently giving the address to new bike tourists looking for reliable packing lists. I scoured the Internet for lists before compiling mine, but it seems like a lot of those sites are now down.

So in celebration of the two year anniversary of my cross country tour, I’ve taken my most recent packing list and revised it a bit to reflect only the most essential items needed. Hopefully it will help others on their journey, and keep me sane until I can get out again.

Cross USA bike tour
(Hi Line/Northern Tier to Northern Lakes Route)
Packing list

Raleigh Sojourn with front and back racks


Back rack:
Tent tarp
Sleeping bag
Crash pad
Orange safety flag
3 bungee cables
Solar power
Empty backpack for daily food, etc

Seat-post bag:
Spare tube
Bike multi tool
Tire levers
Patch kit
Kevlar spoke
Extra chain link

Pannier 1:
2 spare tubes
Spare foldable tire
Elastic clothesline
Casette tool
Small pliers
Chain lube
Rim tape
Rain Jacket
Rain Pants
Small first aid kit

Pannier 2:
Portable Speakers
Lightweight towel
Citronella oil

Pannier 3:
Fork spoon knife kit
Jet-boil coffee press
Extra jet-boil fuel
Collapsible cup
1000 mL water bottle

Pannier 4:
Collared shirt
One pair extra Shorts
Long sleeved bike jersey
Military Thermal underwear
Wool hat
2 pair short socks
1 pair long wool socks

Handlebar bag:
iPhone and charger

Attached to bike or myself:
Pump (attached to frame)
2 water bottles (mounted on frame)
Back blinker (attached to seat post)
Wallet and ID
Odometer (mounted on handlebars)
Sansa mp3 player (mounted on handlebars)
Shorts and shirt
Adidas samba sneakers
Duct tape (wrapped on seat post)
2 Spare spokes (attached to frame)

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