Hollywood to Homestead. Day 1.

Personal inventory:
63 miles
0 mechanical incidents
2 very saddle sore butt cheeks
2 numb palms
7 cups of coffee
1 very happy camper

We arrived to Paradise Farms and were greeted by Ernest. He showed us the grounds and, most importantly, pointed out the coffee in the thermos was still warm. The farm doubles as a B&B so we met some French tourists and then chowed down on peanut butter sandwiches. Popped the tent up, made friends with a cat named Guacamole (but apparently missed avocado season!) and passed out super early. Today it’s a much shorter day and even though it’s a bit chill for Florida standards, there’s no more rain and it looks like a 20mph tailwind will be in the forecast as well!



About tonycaferro

Entrepreneur, Citizen, Marketeer, Fire Fighter / EMT, Bicycle-Tourist, Booking Agent, Youth Mentor, Activist, Agitator, Coffee Addict, Foodie, Social Media Nerd, Amateur Film Critic, Son, Brother, Uncle & Rust Belt Representative. Follow me on Twitter @dtr45
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