Long Key to Sugar Loaf Key. Day 4.

First off, what in the hell is a sugar loaf. Sounds likes a type of bowel movement.

Plowed through some keys today. Woke up and zombie rode 16 miles to a paradise known as Stouts Restaurant in Marathon Florida. This greasy spoon heaven brought me back to life with 5 cups of coffee, a frittata, grits and toast. They had the best sign in the bathroom but i didn’t get a photo. Something like “this sign is in case we were stupid enough to hire someone who was stupid enough to need a sign to remind them to wash their hands before returning to work”. Genius.

After that I called my lawyer and then rode over the famous 7 mile bridge. No really. I’m having issues with a tenant so I had to take time out of my vacation to talk to a blood sucking bar passing legal circumventeer. It’s not related to the trip at all but it sounded cool so I typed it into the blog. But this 7 mile bridge? FANTASTIC. 💯. Why people aren’t being forced out of their cars to experience this bridge on bicycle is beyond me, but it’s going down on the top 3 bike rides thus far in my 38 years on earth. Breathtaking to say the least.

After that we headed into Bahia Honda State Park. Supposedly one of the best in Florida but I have to say that they were the first not to help a couple bicyclists out with a campsite. Shame on them! We paid the $5 entry anyway and considered stealthing (it’s now a cool term I guess. See my post “Remote Sleeping” for how I feel on that), but instead filled up water, charged phones and hung out for a bit. Lots of kids making sand castles while their parent drank wine coolers and bragged about real estate deals. Not my scene.

Instead we booked a KOA 18 miles up, hit the grocery store to get some peanut butter and cruised out. Tailwind still in effect we popped over a couple more bridges and caught out first flat (Kara’s bike, not mine. My tevlar tires are the bee knees… Just saying). A couple greasy hands later and we rolled into “the southernmost KOA”. This was not your typical situation. All night hot tub, live band, full bar, and enough milfs eyefucking me that I had to order three whiskeys. I retreated to the hot tub and then again to my tent to call it a night. All while this Kentucky bred Jimmy Buffet wannabee kept the campground partying. I can still hear them in the background. God bless 50 somethings and their Key West fountain of youth mentality. They turn up when I’m turning down.

Tomorrow it’s Key West proper. From the conversations I’ve had, I should expect a total 180 from when I last visited almost 20 years ago.

Mileage today: 51
Mechanical incidents: 1 (superstition is bullshit).


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  1. Bob says:

    There’s a woman to blame,but I know it’s my ow. Damn fault- ride on Garth!

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