Largo to Long Key. Day 3.

That title rhymes!

Butt cheeks still sore. Great ride though. Got a late start due to an early morning headache. Grabbed another Cubano sandwich (yay for no longer being a vegetarian!) and cafe con leche at a super authentic Cuban spot along the way. Mostly separated bike path today. Got to Layton, Florida which is a city with zero anything, other than a gas station. No restaurant, no bar, no grocery store.

Dipped into Long Key State Park and got the last primitive campsite available! Paid for one $8 shower and took three, also snagged some electricity from what was one of three campsites that apparently was reserved but yet unoccupied. Thanks! The primitive sites were pretty awesome, wooden board deck with a shelter and a picnic table. Not very primitive to say the least. Chatted it up with an Austrian couple as well as a couple on a tandem bike tour. They seemed to be waiting for the wind to die; it’s been pretty hardcore out of the north and east – 25 mph. So that’s been great for us, but they were heading out, so no bueno.

Since we had little choice, it was a peanut butter and banana burrito dinner. The real fail though, is that I didn’t bring my jet boil French press, so no coffee in the morning and after charging my phone, the nearest cafe is something like 15 miles south. More no bueno.

Total mileage: 36.
Mechanical incidents: still 0. (Knocks on wood)



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  1. Bob says:

    Enjoying your updates very much- who you with?

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