Sugarloaf to Key West. Day 5

Woke up. Got ass raped. (See previous entry). Met some of the others tenting KOA. My man Jim hooked up the freshness and professed to be “the strangest person around these parts”. A little too-focused with our packing and then finally hit the road. 20 miles to mile 0.

Stopped at Baby’s Coffee. Definitely worth it. They have a great cold brew. I’ve been in Florida 5 days and this is the first days it’s felt like Florida. Almost 80° and humid. Loving it. Rolled into Key West and B lined to the “90 miles to Havana” landmark. Met a couple other bike tourists from NYC and took a photo with someone I didn’t know 20 minutes earlier.

I was in key west 15 years ago and that’s all I remember, so go with what u know. Our warm showers host, an awesome woman named Sara who I actually have yet to meet, offered to let us camp on her deck (next to her hot tub) but had to work all day. So I’ve been in her home and used her shower but have yet to meet. She’s working at a bar tonight so visit, we will. I’m actually two bourbons deep as I blog. It’s key west on a fucking Sunday. Deal with it.

Bout to hit dinner after I slide by the tattoo shop. Decided to an entire fresh fish dinner at The Flaming Buoy. First fish in 25 years for me. I’ll let u know about it tomorrow if and when I poop.

Love this place. 77°

Total mileage today: 27 and counting.



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