Swimming with Sharks and Smoking Cigars

The struggle is real. I’ve got the GoPro footage to prove it.

One rental car later and the long journey back to sun zero Buffalo begins. Key West — despite being absolutely inundated with good old ageless hippie baby boomers and young hipster newly weds with infant children — was fun nonetheless. The locals as always were great. Our warm showers host Sara was a three job, island loving jersey girl, and as far as I can tell she does it all and could probably run the whole scene out there (and maybe she does!). Thanks to her and her roommate Rachel for their hospitality. Special shoutout to their dog Porter, who – despite the name – doesn’t drink beer.

Ate and successfully digested a fish entree for the first time in 25 years. Fresh catch of the day hogfish from a little spot called the Flaming Buoy Filet Company. Banana salsa and some grilled corn on the cob. Polish waitress with the awesome accent didn’t even get mad when I guessed Czech — plus a super boisterous owner who was possibly the biggest Star Wars nerd in the keys. Nice place for sure.

Did some coral reef snorkeling the next day and that shit was badass. Snagged a chesty for my GoPro and jumped in. Everyone’s reaction to my going into the ocean without a wetsuit strangely reminded me of the time I finally got back into a dentist chair after years, needed a few fillings, and requested no novocaine. Dental assistants from three chairs down started clamoring. Effin pussies the world over. The water was 70° and felt great. First location brought some fluorescent fish, a turtle and a 4 foot shark. Second location was shark heaven, including an 8 foot hammerhead who I think managed to escape my camera, but I did basically hug a smaller 5 footer from behind and got that in all its 1440 resolution, 30 frame per second glory. Even the Scuba team was loving the turnout. Oh and nice coral reef. The captain that day did a great job, and the Lost Reef crew made the right location call. Look them up if you wanna dive or snorkel in key west.



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