Stranger Things

The takeaways that manifest while intermittently binging Stranger Things 3 over a 24 hour Fourth of July shift:

1) No Back to the Future sampling, homage, reference nor inclusion can go wrong… ever. (Especially when accompanied by the name Alex P. Keaton.)

2) I should have kept all of my middle school fashions. I could be finally be stylish or wealthy.

3) All the cool kids are saying “comrade”. They know we’re already a socialist nation.

4) Duffer Brothers’ writing is still better than Trumpers’ photoshopping.

5) Flay kinda used to just be that chef on TV until GoT and ST… and really, fuck that guy anyway.

6) Zero upside down utterances, cuz wouldn’t ya know, it’s the new norm.

7) Continuity of experience matters. Understand that if for some reason you must blow off your own fucking fireworks then they will probably light your garbage can on fire three to four hours later. If I wasn’t getting paid, I’d probably patriotically sit around drinking whiskey, quoting the constitution, watching it spread to your house and burning your whole shit down. Luckily, they pay me decently, so support unions damnit.


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