…it tried everyone’s strength and patience.

Keep telling yourself it’s all mental.

Clearly I can’t articulate how difficult all of this truly is. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It is not supposed to be easy. My hands and shoulders present with the most consistent pain. Most of my left hand fingers went numb days ago. Not a single muscle doesn’t ache. I’m burning twice as many as calories as I’m consuming and I’m taking much more frequent breaks while averaging only 7 or 8 or mph. Headwinds. Hills. Hunger.

The Natchez Trace is definitely trying my strength and patience.

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Entrepreneur, Citizen, Marketeer, Fire Fighter / EMT, Bicycle-Tourist, Booking Agent, Youth Mentor, Activist, Agitator, Coffee Addict, Foodie, Social Media Nerd, Amateur Film Critic, Son, Brother, Uncle & Rust Belt Representative. Follow me on Twitter @dtr45
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5 Responses to …it tried everyone’s strength and patience.

  1. Anthony Caferro--Cuff says:

    Hang in there, there is no easy day—only tomorrow.

  2. Bob says:

    Bad news Tony- the last 100 miles to Nashville are the toughest!! Let me know if you need sag support. Bob 715 222 4366

    • tonycaferro says:

      No need for SAG yet Bob, but I could use suggestions for the best route north out of Nashville towards Louisville/Cincinnati – if you know of one or anyone who may have one.

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